A2 Media Homework


a promotion package for a new film, to include a trailer along with

  • a poster for the film
  • a film magazine front cover, featuring the film

personal audit:

digital technology:

post production:

research and planning:

using conventions of real media texts:



my initial ideas:

the genre i want my film to be will be either comedy or drama, or maybe a bit of both. i like these genres as i think they are the most fun to work with and they will allow me to experiment with lots of different camera techniques. i think i will work alone on this task as i dont want any conflict of ideas and i want to make most of the decisions. in my film i will be filming in lots of different locations in order to catch the watchers eye. i will also try to use many different camera techniques in order to enhance each scene.

what have i learned in this project “day in the life”:

about the genres i will be :  need to do in college as computer cant open file

analytical skills:

semiotics: this is the meaning of signs and codes. there can be two types of signs, a denotation  (the literal meaning) and the connotation (a sign that suggest hidden layers and meaning. like yellow showing happiness)signs signify meaning.

iconicity: this is the extra layers of a sign. the representation of reality. this could be the context behind an object or stereotypes about someone.

indexicality: a sign directly suggesting meaning. like a smoke suggest fire. film directors use this for a short cut way to create meaning

symbolism: a sign that has no association with the meaning but we know the meaning as we have learned it in our culture. like a red heart suggest love. or letters combining to make words.

i will be able to use all of the signs above in my film and poster to show meaning and allow my audience to know whats going on without having to explain anything. using these signs will also make my film more realistic.

mise en scene: i will be able to use this to create realism in my project by having the correct props and actors. this will also make my film look more like the theme its meant to be.

editing: i can use this in all my project to make the film/poster look more realistic and also add more emotion to each scene. i could have snappy quick edits to make the scence move faster and look more exciting. and as for the magazine and the poster i can always change the backround or use photshop to change an image to make it look more eyecathing.

establishing shot: i will use this at the start of the film in order to set the scene.

camera angle and movement: i will use this two in my film to create emotion. for example i could have a close up of a face to show how they are feeling. are i could include a dutch tilt in order to show a sense or unease.

lighting: i will use lighting to set the tone of the film. depending on the mood of the shot i will change the lighting.

sound: in my opinion sound is the second most important aspect of a film as it can do so much. i can use it to change the mood of a shot, set the pace of a scene and even to scare the audience with sudden noises. i will use a combination of diegetic and non diegetic sounds in order to create the perfect mood. this includes music and natural sounds like wind or birds.

visual effects / sfx: i probably will not use this in my film or poster as it will cost too much.however i will have very simple things like maybe a gunshot or fake blood if needed.

narrative: i will make sure my narrative is inticing and easy to follow whilst having some suprises in it. i will use a narative in order to make the story easier to tell and understand.

genre: i will be doing comedy and drama

iconography: i will use this to show the audience what type of film i will be making. so as i am doing a comedy ill be having bright lights and funny characters.

star system: this refers to famouse celebrities like the rock johnson and how usualy he will be the tough guy due to his muscles. i cant afford any actors like that in my film but if i did they would be into comedy, im carrey for example.

realism: if i use all of the signs and visual affects and techniques above i will be able to create a film the looks perfectly realistic so the watcher is able to focus on the narative instead of the realism.


analysing comedy and drama trailers……









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