camera shots isp week 2

establishing shot:

the environment is the main part of this shot and you cant really see anyone’s face. this shot is meant to set the scene and show what is going on. also it is used when cutting to a new location.

extreme long shot:

the characters whole body and more can be seen in still cant really see who anyone is tho so usually when using this shot the camera slowly zooms in to show who they are.

long shot:

the whole of a character again can be seen in this shot and it is meant to show what they are doing and give a detailed view of them i.e clothes etc.

medium long shot:

this shows either knees to head or torso to head and is often done with two characters talking.

medium shot:

this shot is a waist to head shot and is done when people are in a conversation and you need to see their facial expressions.

medium close up:

this is shoulders up and focuses on the character themselves instead of the surroundings.

close up:

this is used to show facial expressions and emotions in someone and gives the audience a feel like hey are in the conversation as well.

extreme close up:

the is a very close shot that shows extreme detail and pin points things. it might be a tiny bug  or a scar on a mans face.




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