week 8:poster analysis

a poster for a film is like an advert for a film that promotes it. it is like a film trailer but a physical form that people can look at quickly and can be viewed by thousands of people a day if put in the right place. There are lots of different places for these posters to be presented. these include, big bill boards, bus stops, buses and underground stations.

a poster can advertise and promote anything. if they have a simple catchy image on them then lots of people will remember them thus remember the product you are trying to sell. for some films this will be quite easy as they have iconic characters that everyone remembers. for example, if a spider man is being released all marvel has to put on their poster is an image of spider man and people will be able to relate instantly.

most film posters have a main image so that the poster is easier to remember. some posters also carry over themes of posters. so if a film is in a squeal they will copy over some of the images or colours so that the public will be able to recognize it easier.


This poster is for the movie Donnie darko. it has a main image that I was talking about and also a main colour scheme relating to the movie. the colour scheme of the poster is blue, this represents cold and sadness. this relates to the theme of the movie.as there is one main image as appose to lots of little ones the audience is able to remember it a lot easier. it also has pictures of all of the main cast members in it. this advertises who is in the movie and lets people see what kind of film it is by who is in it.

Is this is a very simple poster with only two colours on it is will be a lot easier for people to remember it. it also has a very bright and simple title which contributes to making it memorable. it is important for people to remember the poster as the main purpose of a poster is too advertise and make people go and see the film. I think this poster suits its purpose very well

Image result for jaws poster

Tis poster is from the movie jaws and presents what the movie is about very well. it has a main picture of a gigantic shark underneath a woman who is swimming. it shows that she is about to be eaten by the terrifying shark. this imposes that the film will most likely be a horror or a thriller as the poster is trying to strike fear into the viewers.

Tere is also a bold title with the name of the film, this shows what the film is called and advertises it brilliantly. the writing is also red. red represents blood, this means there will probably be blood and gore with in the film.

Aound the shark there is a lot of blank space where the sea is. not only does this make the poster simpler and easy to remember it highlights the key point that the designer wants you to look at. The key parts being the shark, swimmer and title.

And inally looking again at colours, most of the poster is blue. as we know this represents sadness. this along with the bloody red in the title can tell us that this film will have lots of drama and suspense in it.

All in all, I think I can confidently conclude that a film poster can reveal a lot about what the film is about. It can also advertise the film, have the chance to increase ratings if the post is good enough, show what actors are in the film, show the genre and lastly it can make the viewer remember the film, thus making it more popular and more likely to succeed.



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