week 8: opening sequence


When most films start they have an opening sequence. this gives the director a chance to give context to the narrative of the film, showing the setting and show who is in the cast of the film. like in the picture above some films tend to have who the film was made by, they show this by showing the production company’s logo scene.


as we can see from the picture above the first film I will be analysing will be Django unchained. I chose this film as it has a very strong opening scene that represents what the film is about perfectly.

its starts out a longshot of the desert. this sets the scene and tells the audience where the film is going to be set. whilst the opening sequence is happening there is background music to compliment the speed of the film. the song playing is the theme tune for the film, it is slow and in rhythm with the characters walking pace.

as the scene progresses it goes into a medium shot of all the slaves getting dragged along. the reason it zooms to a medium is so that the viewers are able to see the scars on the slaves back more. this shows how violent the film is and just highlights how bad times where when the slave trade was around.

the next shot is a close up of Django’s (the main characters) face. at first the image is blurry but it slowly comes into focus. by doing this the viewer is forced to concentrate and focus on Django’s face and look closely to see what type of emotions he has. as his face is complete still and serious we can see that he is a broken man and hasn’t been happy in a long time.


as the opening sequence proceeds it zooms back out suddenly to show just how big the dessert is and to show how far these poor slaves have to walk for their owners. it is also shown how hard it is for them when the scene cuts to night, as this shows they have been walking all day and must be so exaughsted.





The next film i will be analysing is James bond gold finger. I thought I would choose this film as it is very iconic in the film industry’s and the James bond films are known for their great opening sequences.

It starts out with a golden hand being put up with the reflection of a man speaking on it. the man on the hand is one of the main characters (gold finger). as the background surrounding the hand is all black the hand is highlighted and people will focus on it more. there is also the iconic bond theme tune playing in the background. this is slow and in time with camera movement.


The sene then transitions to a clip of Sean Connery’s face (he plays James bond) which is reflecting of a golden face. the sequence then goes on to show lots of different scenes and characters all reflecting off this one girls body. as all the scene are close ups of the body we are able to see in more detail that the golden girl is in fact dead as she has her eyes closed and has no pulse. this clearly relates to the crime aspect of this film and foreshadows that she will die at some point in the film.


The director has used a black background in all of these scenes to make the viewer focus on the golden body more. the scenes are also quite slow with no sudden movements; this suggests that something sad has happened or is going to happen.

All of the shot types used are either still shot or tracking shots. this is done too slow down the pace of the film and maybe have more contrast to when all the action kicks in later on in the film.


The next film I will be analysing is toy story. from the picture above we can see that it is a Pixar animated film. Pixar has this at the start of all of their movies to promote Pixar and show who the film is by.


the movie starts out with Andy (the boy) playing with all of his toys. we are able to see all of the characters that are in the film and in just this opening scene. all of the characters are very brightly coloured with pinks, yellows and greens. this is good as the film is targeted at youngsters so they will like that.

we are able to see that the boy Andy is in his room, little do we know this is where most of the film will be set. after Andy is finished with his toys he picks up woody who is the main character to the film. we are then able to see a close up of his toy like face that later comes to life


As this is the first close up of the film it is obvious to the audience that this will be a very important character in the film. this is good to have at the start of the movie as it establishes the main characters.


Throughout the opening sequence all of the colours used are bright and vibrant. there is a lot of yellow which of course represents happiness. there is also greens and pinks. all these colours and bold and positive, this shows that what is going on is good and happy. colour is important as most of the time they establish the mood of the film. this is why in lots of horror films there are dark and negative colours.

Overall I think this is one of the best opening scenes as it shows what the movie is about, it shows the main characters and finally it shows the mood and setting. These all key things that an opening sequence needs to show.



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