Week Three: Task One: Analysing Shots, Angles and Lighting in Drive (2011)

drive 1.PNG

shot types and angles used:

there is a lot of close ups in this scene, this is to show the characters emotions and to show he is some what of a lone wolf. a lot of the shots are also quite low down.this make the main character look more dominant and scary.

mise-en-scene establishing characters roles:

throughout this scene gosling is alone and hiding from the police. this obviously tells us that he is wanted and is probably a criminal.he is also looking very shifty and biting on a cocktail stick, this shows us that he is probably not going to be the nicest character in the movie and maybe has a bad side.

there are also two men in the back of his car that are saying nothing. this is a clear sign that something is wrong. with the men being silent and gosling having low down close ups it makes him look very dominant and in charge.

significance of low key lighting:

due to the lighting a lot of the mens faces are always hidden  from the audience. this makes it more creepy and serious. it also makes it obvious how it is nighttime. and as gosling is in his car in the night driving around it kind of gives a sense of how he is hidden from the cops as its so dark.

there is also a helicopter following him and when he is spotted the spotlight shines on his car signifying that he is the criminal and everyone is after him.


what the lyrics tell us about the main character:

“have no fear” this lyric is kinda obvious and is saying that you must have no fear. this link to the main character who is wanted by the police and is in a dangerous place

“theres something inside you” i haven seen the movie yet but i expect from these lyrics that he use to be someone but he changed and became bad.  its basically suggesting that there is some good in him and hes not all bad.



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