Week 3 ISP Task.


shot types:

there is a lot of close ups and extreme close ups in this, this is to show the characters emotion and to show that he is worried as its a very emotional scene. there is also an extreme long shot at the end, this shows how lonely he is and shows him running. and finally there is a close up as he gets out of the elevator and walks into a crowd of men, this is to put the audience in the shoes of the character and to give you a sense of claustrophobia.

camera angles:

the camera is all over the place in this scene.it shows his face in one head in another and full body in another. the eye level angle is to be in line with his face so that it is easier to see his emotions. the low down shot of his feet is to show him pacing and to show how nervous he is , it also makes him look anxious. and finally at the end of the clip there is a bird eye view of him as the helicopter takes off and leaves him behind. this is a shot to show how alone he is and to also show off the surroundings around him.


the camera movies into the crowd in one scene to give the audience a sense of how the character feels over crowded. the camera also follows the character around a room as he runs around it frantically, this is to follow the characters movements and to show how fast he is moving.basically it speeds up the scene and makes it more intense.

what music would you expect to hear:

i would expect to hear some intense and up beat music to keep up with the person running around the hotel and to make the scene more intense.

effect of the music on the scene:

the music in this was differnt to what i expecdted. insted of being fast and upbeat it was actually slow and romantic. there was a violin being played in the backround.i think this music was chosen to show the emotion of the scene and to show how the character was feeling. as its a romantic they want the  audience to feel in a romantic mood also

elevator scene:

in the elevator scene the camera keeps on cutting to different angles and changes position a lot. this is to make it more intense and make the audience feel more on edge about what is going on. because if it was the same angle in an elevator it would be really bring.


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