KEYWORDS isp week 3

signs: signs are used to communicate and show direction. it is a symbol or picture that represents what to do or think

semiotics: this is the meaning that the sign gives off. so if its a stop sign the meaning will be “stop”

denotation: this is the literal meaning of a thing. oak would be the denotation for a certain piece of wood

connotation: this is the feeling that an object or action gives off. its how it makes us feel. so a connotation for a dog may be cute

encoded: sometimes the messages in movies are slightly encoded and it becomes clearer throughout the movie

mise-en-scene: this is the clothes make up surrounding and anything that shows what is going on and where that character is. they are signs to show what is going on.

realism: this is how the movie relates to everyday life

visual codes: this is like mise-en-scene, its basically objects in the shot that show what is going to happen. for example a gun would show that someone will be killed.

technical codes:

sound: music, voices, sound effects

signifiers: these are things that tells you what is going to happen. a signifier foreshadows what will happen.

colour: the colour in a scene can show emotion as each colour has its own feeling related to it

medium: this is the source from witch the media is being newspaper or film or magazine

patriotic: this is when someone is being clearly respectful of their countrie. this can be shown by a flag or an anthem maybe





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