How “Yes man” relates to the drama of everyday life

task 1/ deadline 27/09/16                                                 jude.somers

I have chosen to look at yes man for this task as unlike sci fi or westerns it is very modern up to date and real. It may have a crazy story line but it is always down to earth and relatable also has many different emotions in it like sadness, romance and laughter. These are all things that everyone loves relating to and remembering things they have done. As the movie is set in modern times it makes it so much more easier for the audience to relate to it.

At the start of the movie “yes man” a man named carl who has just been divorced lives alone, he never goes out and just stays in his apartment all alone and basically says no to everything. With his friends around him thriving and getting married he realise how bad his life is. He also is stuck in a dead end job that he hates. All of these things are dramas that people have to deal with in everyday life however the twist is Carl has to deal with them all. He is all alone and has nobody. There are so many people that are stuck in a job they hate not getting paid enough and are many people can relate to how Carl is feeling when he feels fed up and bored

In everyday life people say no to so many things and in doing this they are missing out on so many opportunities. And I think this is what the directors of this movies are trying to show, this is also something that people can relate to and be inspired by as nowadays people are scared of saying yes to new things as they have become so used to the norm. I know so many people that have become inspired by this movie to be more confident and say yes more. A good thing about Carl saying yes throughout the movie is that he’s get to go on all sorts of adventures and gets up to some crazy stuff. From get a blow job from an elderly lady to jumping off a bridge.

Whilst saying yes to things Carl falls in love with a girl he met at a petrol station, they fall happily in love and do some crazy things together. This side of the film brings out the romantic in people which is good as people love feeling emotion when watching films. If you watch the film the whole way through you can really relate to the ups and down that the couple have in their relationship. They are very happy until she finds out the only reason they are together is due to some program that Carls been on, this cause upset which again is relatable for many couples that watch the movie.

Meeting new people is an experience that everyone has to go through on a daily basis. In the movie the main character goes from extremely lonely to knowing every person in the pub. People are able to relate to this as every time a new character is introduced they might be able to relate to a person they is important that the audience can relate to the movie as it makes it more enjoyable and fun. Meeting new people of course is a very common thing

One of the main topics in yes man is being able to go outside and just experience life. In fact it’s what the whole movie is all about, a lot of people in the world are afraid of this and think it’s scary. So having a character in a film that can go from being completely alone to then having all the friends in the world can be very inspiring to the right person. And so if someone gets inspired by a film it has an impact on them and they are more likely to tell their friends about it. So throughout the film Carl meets many new and interesting people, he meets people from all over, one is a farmer anther is a baker and so on. However surprisingly all of these characters seem to be nice and friendly. Again, it is nice to relate to characters. There is one scene in the movie where Carl’s next door neighbour asks him to put up some shelf’s and then offers to pay him with a sexual favour. The twist is his next door neighbour is in her 90s! So apart from being hilarious to watch it might also trigger the audience to think of the crazy experiences and memory’s that they have had.

At the end of this movie there is a big happy ending where everyone gets together and has a good time. Although this may not be something that people can relate to it is definitely something that people can aspire to. If all the people in the cinema are thinking the same things it makes the movie relatable which is good. So although big happy ending aren’t always as real as we would hope they are something we can all agree we like.

The reason it is important that the audience can relate to the realism of everyday life is because if the film was completely unrealistic and un relatable it would be boring and nobody would see it, however if you have a film that is completely relatable to your everyday life you feel more like the movie is directed at you and you feel as if it has a personal impact on you. When films have moments that most people have been through and done they tend to think about their own memory’s and are sparked to start thinking about their own life. and if the moment if comedic or sad or scary it is even better as it makes the person watching it feel those same emotions which is why people watch films in the first place.


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